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Polycom makes four big announcements in one day
Polycom made a few big announcements this week that we're thrilled to share. But really - when are we not happy to share great information from our manufacturers?
Tandberg to acquire Codian
Codian acquisition provides immediate products, solutions and resources for seizing current growth opportunities and will enhance Tandberg technology leadership
An introduction to the Polycom Viewstation H.323
The Polycom ViewStation H.323 system was a popularly deployed unit – because of the ability to add optional features as needed.
The cause and effect of delays on a videoconference call
When considering video conferencing products for use via an IP network, it must be determined that adequate bandwidth is available for a call.
An introduction to the Polycom VS 4000
Polycom designed the VS 4000 to be flexible enough for all types of applications and circumstances. Integrators soon realized that the Polycom VS4000 was ideally suited for business that wanted a quality Polycom video conferencing product.
Comparing the Sony EVI D-10 and Sony EVI D-30 cameras for Polycom
The Sony EVI-D30 camera was the first-generation of Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera offered by Sony, and was considered a reliable, high-quality camera. The Sony EVI-D30 and EVI-D10 cameras were available for purchase to use in stand-alone applications.
An introduction to Polycom PVX software
Polycom originally released the Polycom Via Video and Polycom Via Video II units for desktop videoconference use. The Polycom designed camera came with software the supported the H.323 protocol.
An intro to high-definition Polycom HDX systems
Polycom competitors, LifeSize and Tandberg, already have released high definition video conferencing systems. Polycom moved to deploy their product, so as not to yield the market position that they have possessed for some time.
Comparing PAL and NTSC video conference formats
Two of the world’s most widely used video formats are NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) and PAL (Phase Alternating Line).
Comparing the Polycom Viewstation EX and Viewstation FX
The Polycom ViewStation product line was the first generation of IP and ISDN based set-top conferencing systems. They were sleek in design, easy to use, and a cost effective conference room solution.
An introduction to the Polycom VTX 1000
The Soundstation VTX 1000 is the latest audio conference product from Polycom.
Suggestions for good video conference etiquette
The rules of video conference etiquette are fairly basic, but it will prevent anyone from looking foolish and create a professional environment.
An introduction to the Polycom Viewstation FX
Polycom, the leader in the videoconference market place, released the ViewStation FX and it quickly became the signature Polycom Viewstation product. The Polycom ViewStation H.323 was a previously established model, but the ViewStation FX was an improved product.
An explanation of differences in the Polycom VSX 7000 series
Polycom released the Polycom VSX 7000 series as a replacement to its already established Polycom ViewStation line. What follows is an explanation of the differences between the Polycom VSX 7000, VSX7000s and VSX7000e.
Comparing the Polycom Soundstation, Soundstation 2 and Soundstation Premier
The Polycom SoundStation was the first full-duplex speakerphone available for an audio conference environment.
The transition from Polycom Viewstation to Polycom VSX
Many technology professionals may ponder the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading their current Polycom ViewStation systems to the latest Polycom VSX product line. There are many issues to consider beforehand.
A comparison of Polycom Viewstation and Polycom VSX models
With all the available models of Polycom video products, the decision as to which one to choose may seem overwhelming. Let’s begin by establishing some of the differences between each various model.
Polycom to acquire SpectraLink
$220 million deal to leverage mobility into IP-based unified collaboration
Polycom HDX brings high definition to video conferencing
An introduction and discussion of the Polycom HDX 9000 series of high definition video conferencing products.
Buying Used / Refurbished Polycom Video Conferencing equipment can save thousands of dollars.
Saving thousands of dollars by buying used or refurbished Polycom Video Conferencing equipment.