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323.TV™ provides this contact information to make it quick and easy for you to get a hold of the right person at the right time. Please call us if you have questions or inquiries.




323.TV™ Headquarters
32525 Lexington Ave
DeSoto, Kansas 66018

Phone: 866-323-5773
Fax: 913-422-0858

press 1 for sales

Jared Clarke

Technical Services
Lale Shultz, Manager

Help Desk: 913-422-0895

Strategically located in the Midwest, 323.TV™ assures you the best products and services. Our company's central location allows us to have better hours and faster shipping. Our time-zone benefit allows our customers to rely on speaking with someone - as we are not too early for the West coast, nor too late for the East coast. Our freight speeds are twice as fast as other suppliers, because our products never have to travel too far. map

Centrally located benefits of 323.TV™

Better service hours

Quick shipping times

Lower overhead