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Polycom celebrates twenty five years

Polycom made a few big announcements this week that we're thrilled to share. But really - when are we not happy to share great information from our manufacturers?

According to a Polycom press release, the company chose to mark 25 years of industry leadership by announcing a plethora of innovative collaboration solutions guaranteed to advance "the workplace of the future globally." This new "collaboration" will allow people to "work better, smarter and more efficiently."

So, how does Polycom expect to do this? By releasing a brigade of new conference solutions! The announcement included information about five Polycom brand products, as well as additional plans to utilize "new solutions for Microsoft 365 Environments." (According to Polycom, the company's  "Polycom VVX business media phones will be the first phones to support and interoperate with the forthcoming cloud voice service offering as part of Microsoft Office 365.")

Here's a bit more information about the Polycom additions:

* The Polycom Real Presence Trio is described as the "first smart hub for group collaboration." It will transform the three-point conference phone into a device system that allows for voice interaction, content sharing, and video. (Available November 2015)

* Polycom RealPresence Medialign is perfect for multiple work environments. It "enables consistent collaboration solutions across the enterprise without the need to alter the room in any way." (Available December 2015)

* Polycom Concierge can connect a device (PCs, smartphones, etc.) to various solutions across Polycom's "collaboration portfolio." (Available December 2015)

* The Polycom RealPresence Debut offers "enterprise-grade video collaboration" for smaller spaces. This solution is affordable but it still has high-video quality. (Available January 2016)

* The Polycom RealPresence Centro is a "center-of-the-workspace" collaboration solution that's meant to enhance (and work with) how humans brainstorm. (Available February 2016)

Polycom made the announcement about all its new solutions in New York at an exclusive customer event on October 8, 2015. For more information, visit Polycom's website