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* Video conferencing is increasingly becoming the clear answer in reducing travel, cutting costs, and increasing productivity. The return on the investment for video conferencing technologies can be returned within a few business trips.

Video conferencing is used in a variety of settings – from education, government and businesses alike.  323.TV™ has implemented such technologies, while providing the best prices for refurbished Polycom equipment. In addition, we sell all other manufactures equipment including; LifeSize, Tandberg, and Radvision. From board room settings, to desktop video conferencing, 323.TV™ can provide the best solution at the right price.

* Audio conferencing allows for cost-effective meetings for organizations on a budget that need high quality audio speakerphones for small to large rooms.

Individual users can also benefit from desktop phones that have superior speakerphones than conventional phones that most suppliers provide. Audio conferencing can be used with traditional analog phone lines, SIP, and Voice Over IP applications. 323.TV™ takes pride in providing customers with new Polycom and refurbished Polycom products to meet any organizational budget.

* Infrastructure products tie video conferencing, and audio conferencing technologies together. Infrastructure products include solutions that provide combining multiple video or audio sites in one call simultaneously, which is commonly known as a multi-point solution.

Streaming and recording are also other Infrastructure solutions that 323.TV™ can provide. Desktop video conferencing can also be accomplished for individual users that can’t make it to a conference room.  323.TV™ carries all major Infrastructure products from Avaya/Radvision, Polycom, and Tandberg/Cisco and LifeSize. When your organizations communication needs grow to multiple locations, 323.TV™ can help tie it all together.

* Telepresence solutions are videoconference based solutions that offer the closet experience to a real-life conference available on the market today.

Telepresence solutions offer an “across the table” experience. Participants can speak and read body language just as if they were in the same room. Participants are shown in true-to-life dimensions for the closest experience to actually being there. Polycom, Tandberg/Cisco, and Lifesize all make solutions for different room spaces.