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Polycom HDX 9002
FAQs about Polycom HDX 9000 series


  • 16:9 Aspect ratios supported
  • 19” Rack-Mount design
  • Dual HD Camera support
  • H.264 support
  • Supports optional Multi-Point function

Polycom HDX 9002

$16,499 - MSRP List Price

$2,150   -   Refurbished
$0   - included
1-year warranty

$2,150   -   TOTAL

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Free one-year warranty which covers repair or replacement. 

Additional discounts are available!  Call 866-323-5773 for more information.


Polycom HDX 9002 Part # 2200-23900-001

The Polycom HDX 9002 is one of the new Polycom HD systems. It Supports 720p (1280x720) high definition resolution at 30 fps with over nine times the video quality of CIF video is just the start of features in the Polycom HDX 9002

Refurbished Polycom HDX 9002 systems include all required cables, accessories, remote installation assistance, on-call technical support, and a one-year warranty which covers repair or replacement by

New Polycom HDX 9002 systems require the purchase of a one-year manufacturer service agreement with Polycom. This plan includes next day parts replacement, 8x5 telephone support (normal business hours), 24x7 test sites, upgrades and updates, user training

Polycom HDX 9002 Part # 2200-23900-001

323.TVpart # 99310