Huddle Space

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  • Yealink UVC30 BYOD Room System For Huddle Spaces

  • Yealink UVC34 Video Bar

  • Yealink UVC40 USB Video Bar

  • Yealink UVC40 BYOD Room System For Small Rooms

  • Yealink A20 Microsoft Teams Edition With Touch Controller

  • Yealink A20 Zoom Rooms Edition With Touch Controller

  • Yealink UVC30 Zoom Rooms Kit

  • Yealink MVC320 Microsoft Teams Room System

  • Yealink ZVC300 Zoom Rooms System

  • Yealink MVC400 Microsoft Teams Room System

  • Yealink ZVC400 Zoom Rooms System


A Huddle Space is used the same way football players huddle up to plan their next move. Huddle Rooms are strategically smaller, designed to be able to meet quickly, and usually seat no more than five people.

We offer video collaboration solutions for Huddle Spaces that are used to share content, connect to clients, remote workers and satellite offices. Our systems and solutions work with Skype for Business, Zoom, GoToMeeting and Lifesize Cloud. Whether your looking for a high end Pan Tilt Zoom webcam to plug into your PC with USB 3.0 or something more elaborate like a stand alone Polycom Huddle Space system. We can help you pick the perfect Huddle system to work in your space.

It’s always important to hear and be heard so remember to address the audio side of things when you’re planning your Huddle Spaces. can recommend a cost effective professional audio solution to connect in via your choice of Bluetooth, USB, and all other standard audio connections.