What is the Polycom EagleEye Director?
The Polycom EagleEye Director is a Innovative camera technology that delivers a breakthrough, ‘directed’, telepresence experience in every HDX or Group Series environment. Video conferencing is meant to connect people intimately.  Unfortunately, many videoconferences feel more like two connected rooms than two groups of people talking directly with one another and really connecting. And this is where the Polycom EagleEye Director really comes into play.

Is the Polycom EagleEye Director Affordable?
Yes! Polycom EagleEye Director delivers an affordable and personalized telepresence experience in group meetings. It accomplishes this by intelligently emulating professional video production techniques. The result is direct, intimate communication, and more productive meetings with no remote control or user intervention required.
Polycom EagleEye Director:
•    Is ideal for a wide variety of rooms, from boardrooms to classrooms, giving users an affordable telepresence experience without manual intervention
•    Automatically locates active speakers and, through simultaneous voice triangulation and face-finding, accurately crops their images in the display
•    Eliminates disruptive remote control errors by automatically zooming in on the person who is speaking
•    Is not confined to historic camera tracking limitations like fixed-camera presets or unnatural IR transmitters
•    Installs quickly and easily to any Polycom room telepresence system with a single, camera-to-codec connection
•    Makes training more engaging which translates into better retention of information
•    Speeds user adoption and delivers faster ROI because it is easy to use and produces heightened meeting interactions

Why should I choose the EagleEye Director?
The Polycom® EagleEye™ Director changes the face of group video communications
by enabling close-up views of every speaker in a video conference, regardless
of their location or the number of people in the room. With fully automated camera
pan, tilt, and zoom motions, the EagleEye Director resolves the common problem
in video conferencing of seeing all participants during a meeting, but not being
able to see facial expressions of the person talking. Now, by highlighting, zooming
in, and framing active speakers, everyone can clearly see critical facial expressions
and read the subtle body language which enables deeper engagement and
more effective meetings.

Leveraging patented technology, including voice triangulation, face finding, and an
innovative dual-camera configuration, the EagleEye Director delivers breakthrough
affordability in personalizing the telepresence experience for every group conference
and enables richer communication and more productive meetings. With meeting
participants no longer needing to worry about staying in the camera view or
interrupting the flow of conversation to handle the remote control, they can spend
100% of their time in meetings focusing on the bigger issue—their business.

Does the Innovative technology delivered by the Polycom EagleEye Director have unmatched value?
Yes! With powerful processing technology on board, the EagleEye Director ships ready to
be used in conjunction with any of the Polycom® HDX® or Polycom® RealPresence®
Group series room telepresence systems and is simple to set up through a single
cable connection. An array of seven microphones in the base of the unit allows the
EagleEye Director to precisely locate voices in a variety of room shapes and sizes,
making it the ideal solution for large conference rooms, class rooms, or board rooms.

How well does the Polycom EagleEye Director Locate, recognize, frame, display people in the room?
It does it very well! Beyond advancing the technology, Polycom leveraged deep human factor expertise
to optimize EagleEye Director behavior. Once the voice has been located, the
EagleEye Director executes facial detection algorithms to determine if the user is
speaking to other users in the room or to meeting participants at the far end. The
camera will then automatically ‘zoom in’ and position the speaker in the optimal
proportion and location in the viewing window. This multi-step process helps ensure
that far-end participants always enjoy a high-impact, immersive experience.

A wide-panning radius of the cameras gives users the flexibility to move freely about
the room with the confidence that the EagleEye Director will always keep them clearly
in view. This is ideal for classrooms and other environments where room layouts
may be more challenging.

What are the benefits of owning a Polycom EagleEye Director?
• Makes your meetings more productive by automatically locating active speakers and through simultaneous voice triangulation and face-finding accurately crops their image on to the display.
• Makes training more engaging for better retention of information, speeds user adoption, and delivers faster ROI through maximum ease of use and heightened meeting interaction.
• Installs quickly and easily to any Polycom HDX or RealPresence Group series room telepresence system with a single camera-to codec connection.
• Flexible viewing capability utilizing both cameras with a direct-cut going from speaker to speaker or the preset room view allowing for users to see the whole room before framing the active speaker.

What is included in the package of the Polycom EagleEye Director?
• EagleEye Director base, power supply and necessary cables
– 2200-82559-xxx
• EagleEye Director base, power supply, necessary cables and one EagleEye III camera
– 7200-82631-xxx
• EagleEye Director base, power supply, necessary cables and two EagleEye III cameras
– 7200-82632-xxx

What Polycom Cameras are compatible with the Polycom EagleEye Director?
Only the EagleEye™ II & EagleEye™ III are compatible.

Can I mix and match the Polycom EagleEye™ II & EagleEye™ III camera with the Polycom EagleEye Director?
Yes! You can do the following:
• (2) EagleEye™ II
• (1) EagleEye™ II & (1) EagleEye™ III
• (2) EagleEye™ III

Does the software on the EagleEye Director have to be a certain version to work with my Polycom HDX?
Eagle Eye Director  Version 2.2 – HDX Version 3.1.5
Eagle Eye Director  Version 2.1 – HDX Version 3.1.2 – 3.1.4
Eagle Eye Director  Version 2.0 – HDX Version –
Eagle Eye Director  Version 1.0 – HDX Version 3.0.1 –

What Polycom video systems are compatible with the Polycom EagleEye Director?
• HDX 9000, 8000, 7000 and 6000 Series
• RealPresence Group 700, 500 and 300 Series

Does the Polycom EagleEye Director have a recommended room size?
• Participants should be within 25 feet
(7.62m) of EagleEye Director
• Performance may vary in different
room configurations

What and how many modes does the EagleEye Director have?
• Room view between speakers
• Direct-cut between speakers*

What kind of connections does the Polycom EagleEye Director have?
• 1 HDCI out to video system
• USB for diagnostics & local upgrades
• Stereo phoenix connector for remote audio processing

What are the physical characteristics of the Polycom EagleEye Director?
• Base box with vertical array
19.2” x 25.3” x 5.6” (H x W x D)

Electrical Power requirements for the Polycom HDX 6000?
• Auto sensing power supply
• Typical operating voltage/power
– 60VA @ 120V @ 50Hz @ .49 PF
– 60VA @ 120V @ 60Hz @ .49 PF
– 74VA @ 200V @ 50Hz @ .40 PF
– 73VA @ 200V @ 60Hz @ .40 PF
– 87VA @ 260V @ 50Hz @ .34 PF
– 86VA @ 260V @ 60Hz @ .36 PF