Q: When is HDX 3.1 available?

A: Early December 2012.

Q: Is HDX 3.1 a chargeable release?

A: HDX 3.1 is covered under the customer’s maintenance agreement. If the agreement has expired or is not

in place, it is chargeable. The part number will be on the December 2012 Polycom price list. This is an

ideal opportunity to discuss the value of maintenance contracts.

Q: What versions of Touch Control and EagleEye Director are compatible with HDX 3.1?

A: Touch Control 1.6 and EagleEye Director 2.0.

Q: What are the new collaboration whiteboard enhancements?

A: • Active Touch – connect an off-the-shelf touch screen monitor to allow users to collaborate from

the conference table, podium, or other area in the room. Please refer to HDX 3.1 release notes

on compatible monitors.

• Mouse Presenter – connect a wired or wireless mouse to HDX. A double-click will engage the

whiteboarding software to let users collaborate.

• Multisite Collaboration – users can take control and make annotations on a whiteboard space

during a multisite call. This can be done using the internal MCU or a standards-based video


Q: Are there videos available that show the whiteboard enhancements in action?

A: Yes. Videos are available on the Polycom® UC Board™ page of the Polycom Web site.

Q: How do I connect both a mouse and a USB drive with content to the HDX?

A: Use an off-the-shelf USB hub.

Q: What HDX models are compatible with the new whiteboard enhancements?

A: • HDX 7000 Rev C, HDX 8000 Rev B, and HDX 9006 support all enhancements

• HDX 4500 supports multisite collaboration and mouse presenter

Q: Can UC Board work in conjunction with these new features?

A: Yes.

Q: Are there any new enhancements to UC Board with HDX 3.1?

A: Yes.

• Updated icons on the on-screen interface

• Pen thickness

• Improved folder management for files on USB drives

Q: Do the new whiteboarding features work with the RealPresence® Group Series products?

A: The UC Board and these new software-based features are not supported in RealPresence® Group Series


Q: What is Polycom® SmartPairing™?

A: Patent-pending Polycom® SmartPairing™ technology built into RealPresence Mobile 2.0, wirelessly

connects Apple iPads to Group Series, HDX Series, and RealPresence® VisualEdge™ systems, letting

users control video meetings with their tablets and transfer a live video call from their tablet to a big

screen with the swipe of a finger. SmartPairing will be extended to other RealPresence Mobile devices in

the future.

Q: Is SmartPairing an option?

A: No. SmartPairing is a standard feature in HDX 3.1. However, the HDX must be configured properly for it

to operate. Please consult the HDX 3.1 release notes for further information.

Q: Will CMA manage a deployment of Polycom Touch Controls?

A: No. CMA only sees that a Touch Control is attached to an HDX.  CMA will not report any information about the Touch Control nor can you upgrade software via CMA.

A new internal Web server is now built-into Touch Control which will allow administrators to download logs,

view the current active screen, view and change pairing settings, and perform software upgrades among other

administrative tasks.

Q: Does Group Series support Polycom Touch Control?

A: Yes, with Touch Control 1.6.