What is the resolution of the HDX 9001?

The 9001 is a Standard Definition codec which has 704 x 480 (4CIF/4SIF) resolution at 30 fps.

What is the HD resolution of the HDX 9002 & 9004?

Both units have an HD resolution of 720p or 1280 x 720 resolution at 30 fps.

What is the minimum bandwidth needed for high definition?

1 Mbps in point-to-point, 2Mbps if content is shared using dual stream standard

What video resolutions are supported under 1 Mbps

128 kbps CIF, 256 kbps – 768 kbps, 4CIF

Q: What is the maximum speed of a point to point call?

A: 4 Mbps Standard (HDX 9004), 2 Mbps Standard (4 Mbps optional) (HDX 9001 & 9002)

Q: What is the maximum bandwidth in the HDX 9004?

A: 6 Mbps throughput allows for higher speed multipoint calls.

Q: Does the HDX 9002 and HDX 9004 have better quality below 1 Mbps?

A: Yes, the both the 9002 and the 9004 run at 4CIF resolution from 256kbps to 768 kbps.

Q: How many video inputs do these video systems support?

A: The 9004 supports up to five video inputs while the 9002 and 9001 support up to four.

Q: Can any HD camera be used with the HDX 9002 & 9004?

A: For the main camera, any HD camera that supports 720p 30fps can be used with component connections but camera control would not be supported.

Q: What camera inputs do you support?

A: HDCI, DVI, VGA, Composite and S-Video

Q: How many displays can be used?

A: Four (9004), Three (9001 & 9002)

Q: What monitor outputs do you support?

A: DVI, Composite, S-Video, Component, HDMI (video only)

Q: What is the max length of camera cable that can be used?

A: The main camera cable for camera one when used with a Polycom Eagle-Eye Camera can be extended 250 feet using an analog component HDCI pin out.

If a second EagleEye camera is used, an optional power supply must be used.

Q: What types of audio connections are used?

A: Professional Phoenix cable connections are used for all audio inputs and outputs.

Q: Does People + Content (H.239) support High Definition?

A: The entire HDX series uses People and Content. When using a minimum of 2 Mbps bandwidth, both people and content will be in high definition.

Q: What PC resolutions are supported?

A: Resolutions up to SXGA are supported. Higher resolutions will be supported in future software releases.

Q: How many languages is the user interface translated into?

A: 16 both in the UI and on the remote control.

Q: Can the Polycom HDX 9001 be upgraded to HD?

A: Yes, it is a return-to-factory upgrade. Part number 5150-23911-001

What are the key differences between the 3 HDX models? 
HDX 9002 HDX 9001     HDX 9004
Max Resolution HD 720p HD 720p SD (4CIF/SIF)
Max Bandwidth 6 Mbps 4 Mbps 4 Mbps
Video inputs 5 HD 4 HD 4
Video outputs 4 3 3
Audio Siren™22 Siren22 Siren22
Multipoint Option(s) 8-way, 4-way 4-way 4-way
Full Transcoding Yes Yes Yes
Rack Mount Design Yes Yes Yes
HD H.264 Content Yes Yes