Question #1 Does Polycom’s PVX software support People+Content?
Answer: Yes. The Polycom PVX software also supports ITU-T.H.239.

Question #2 Does the Polycom PVX software support H.264?  
Answer: Yes, Polycom’s PVX software supports both. The PVX software conforms to the international Telecommunications Union (ITU) H.264 video coding standard. Strict adherence to ITU standard insures industry-wide interoperability across Polycom and with other standard compliant manufacturers.

Question #3 Who good is the audio quality with the Polycom PVX software?  
Answer: Polycom’s PVX Software supports Polycom Siren 14 kHz audio for superior audio performance for crisp, natural sounds and voices.

Question #4 What is required to hear Polycom’s Siren 14 kHz audio from Polycom’s PVX software?  
Answer: Polycom PVX software requires a 14 kHz capable headset.

Question #5 What call speeds can I call out with Polycom’s PVX software?
Answer: Polycom’s PVX software supports up to 2 Mbps.

Question #6 How well does Polycom’s PVX software integrate with Microsoft’s collaboration infrastucture?
Answer: Polycom’s PVX software integrates directly with Microsoft collaboration Infrastructure, Integration with Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS) via SIP.  Polycom PVX users can be added to Microsoft Messenger’s buddy list and more.

Question #7 How is the Quality of Service on the Polycom PVX software?
Answer: The OS determined IP Precedence and DiffServ settings for optimal video quality through network edge equipment. Video Error Concealment delivers smooth, clear video over IP networks by concealing the deteriorating effects of packet loss..

Question #8 Does Polycom’s PVX software have any flexible viewing modes?
Answer: Yes.

Ø        Polycom’s PVX software supports full screen mode so you can sit back and enjoy the videoconference.

Ø        Individual windows for local video, remote video and content can be located and sized independently to fit unlimited user pereferences.

Ø        Video only mode optimizes desktop layout for other applications with thin toolbar for video control.

Ø        Single widow PIP.

Question #9 Does Polycom’s PVX software Support multiple monitors?
Answer: Yes. Polycom’s PVX software is great for drag and drop PIP, allowing near and far end to be on separate monitors or, video on one screen, desktop applications on the other and Full Screen for each window.