Question #1 What is the Polycom SoundStation?

Answer: Polycom’s initial release – and entire existence – began with the introduction of the Polycom SoundStation in 1989; this product was a marvel of the audio conference revolution.

Question #2 What are some important features of the Polycom SoundStation?

Answer: The Polycom SoundStation was one of the first products to incorporate “full-duplex” technology into a conference phone. Full-duplex technology on the Polycom SoundStation allowed both connected parties to talk simultaneously in an audio conference, which eliminated repetition and provided a more conducive environment.

Question #3 Why should I add Polycom SoundStation extension microphones?

Answer: The Polycom SoundStation has on-board microphones that provide echo cancellation and a 360-degree range of detection. Adding Polycom SoundStation microphones can increase the range and quality of a conference call, and allow for additional participants.

Question #4 Where does the Polycom SoundStation stand in the product line-up?

Answer: The Polycom SoundStation is the product that started it all! Released in 1989, the Polycom SoundStation featured a unique triangular shape and a futuristic look – making it a speakerphone ahead of its time.

Question #5 What audio conference products followed the Polycom SoundStation?

Answer: The Polycom SoundStation was followed by the Polycom SoundStation Premier and later the Polycom SoundStation 2. These Polycom systems shared the same look and design. The latest audio conference product from Polycom is the Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000. Unlike its predecessors, the Polycom VTX 1000 can interface with Polycom video conference systems.

Question #6 Does the Polycom SoundStation work on digital or analog phone lines?

Answer: No. The Polycom SoundStation only works with analog phone lines.

Question #7 What other Polycom SoundStation configurations are available?

Answer: The Polycom SoundStation is available in an EX configuration that allows for the addition of two Polycom SoundStation external microphones. The Polycom SoundStation is also available in versions designed to function with Lucent or Avaya and Nortel or Meridian systems.

Question #8 Where can I learn more about the Polycom SoundStation?

Answer: Click here for the Polycom SoundStation product page