Question #1  What is the ViaVideo?
Answer: The Via Video is a high-end PC camera meant for H.323 IP videoconferencing at 30 Frames-per-second, providing TV quality video for desktop users, and is hooked up through a PC.

Question #2 What are the basic requirements for implementing the ViaVideo?
Answer: You will need a PC with at least 500 MHz of processing power using an Intel based processor, running Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, or XP. You will also need 384Kbps of bandwidth for TV quality video.

Question #3 Why is the ViaVideo better than a standard web cam?
Answer: The ViaVideo II has it’s own integrated processors for encoding and decoding video in real-time, resulting in industry standard TV quality video.

Question #4 What type of environment is the ViaVideo best suited for?
Answer: The ViaVideo is meant for home office users, desktop users, and people that are traveling. It isn’t meant for conference rooms, or environments meant for more than one participant.

Question #5 What is included with the ViaVideo?
Answer: The ViaVideo includes the camera with a built in microphone, USB cable, microphone cable, power supply, and installation software.

Question #6 Are there any accessory options for the ViaVideo?
Answer: You can order a LCD/Laptop mounting clip, and a Universal power supply for International use.

Question #7 Can I connect to a standards based H.323 videoconferencing room system?
Answer: Yes, you can connect to any H.323 standards based Videoconferencing system. H.320 ISDN calling is not possible, and you would have to connect through an ISDN gateway to connect to ISDN users.

Question #8 Can you connect to E.164 MCU devices with the ViaVideo?
Answer: You can connect through to any MCU gateway as long as you register to the gateway for the MCU you want to connect to.

Question #9 Where can I find more information and pricing on your website for the ViaVideo?