Question #1 What is the Polycom VoiceStation?

Answer: The Polycom VoiceStation models are scaled-down versions of the Polycom SoundStation series of audio conference products.

Question #2 What are some important features of the Polycom VoiceStation?

Answer: The Polycom VoiceStation product line incorporates full-duplex technology into its design. Polycom Voicestation models can be used by two to three participants in offices or smaller conference room environments.

Question #3 What are some advantages of the Polycom VoiceStation products?

Answer: The Polycom VoiceStation is an economical entry into the world of Polycom audio conferencing. The Polycom VoiceStation is designed for organizations that have just begun to consider using audio conference technology.

Question #4 What is the coverage area of Polycom VoiceStation products?

Answer: The Polycom VoiceStation offers 360-degree room coverage with a digitally-tuned speaker and three built-in microphones for uniform audio detection.

Question #5 Where does the Polycom VoiceStation series stand in the product line-up?

Answer: The Polycom VoiceStation was released following the initial success of the Polycom SoundStation products. The Polycom VoiceStation models were designed as scaled-down, economical versions of their Polycom SoundStation counterparts.

Question #6 Does the Polycom VoiceStation work on digital or analog phone lines?

Answer: No. The Polycom VoiceStation only works with analog phone lines.

Question #7 What Polycom VoiceStation configurations are available?

Answer: The Polycom VoiceStation 100 was the initial release, with acoustic clarity technology. The Polycom VoiceStation 300 was an upgrade of the VoiceStation 100 with increased range and Dynamic Noise Reduction support. The Polycom VoiceStation 500 is identical to the VoiceStation 300 but includes Bluetooth functionality and can interface with a mobile phone or computer.

Question #8 Where can I learn more about the Polycom VoiceStation?

Answer: Click here for the Polycom VoiceStation product page