Question #1 What is the Polycom VSX7000?
Answer: The Polycom VSX7000 is a Main-Stream level system. The Polycom VSX7000 is a basic endpoint only system that can be software upgraded to IP Multipoint for a charge.

Question #2 What requirements need to be met to use the Polycom VSX7000?  
Answer: The Polycom V7000 requires a basic TV/Display or VGA Monitor, Broadband internet IP connection, or ISDN BRI lines.

Question #3 What are the different models of the Polycom VSX7000?  
Answer: Three.

Ø        The Ploycom VSX7000

Ø        The Polycom VSX7000e

Ø        The Polycom VSX7000s.

Question #4 Where does the Polycom VSX7000 fall in the product line-up?  
Answer: The Polycom VSX7000 falls between the Polycom VSX5000 and Polycom VSX8000 VSX systems.

Question #5 What is one of the features the Polycom VSX7000 does not have over the Polycom VSX7000s?
Answer: The Polycom VSX7000 does not have VGA capability built into the codec. A separate breakout cable is required for this option. The Polycom VSX7000s has the VGA connection built into the codec itself.

Question #6 If you only have a VGA monitor, how do you get the video to come up on the Polycom VSX7000/VSX7000s/VSX700e when you first boot up the VSX7000s?
Answer: You must press and hold down the star button of the Polycom VSX7000 remote control as you power up the VSX7000.

Question #7 Does the Polycom VSX7000e have a built-in PTZ camera?
Answer: No. The Polycom VSX7000e does not have a built-in PTZ camera.

Question #8 Does the Polycom VSX7000/VSX7000s/VSX7000e support People+Plus content?
Answer: Yes. The Polycom VSX7000s does support People+Content.

Question #9 Does the Polycom VSX7000/VSX7000s/VSX7000e support adjustable bandwidth for Content?
Answer: Yes. The Polycom VSX7000 gives you the option to include 90% Content/ 10% People; 50% Content/ 50% People; or 10% Content/ 90% People.

Question #10 Where can I find out more about the Polycom VSX7000/VSX7000s/VSX7000e?
Answer: Click here for the Polycom VSX7000