What is the new Polycom® RMX® 1500?

The Polycom® RMX® 1500 solution is a flexible, mid-range conferencing platform designed with intelligence built-in—including dynamic resource allocation, network flexibility and reliability, and cost-effective scalability, all tightly integrated with major UC partner solutions. The RMX 1500 is built on the same platform and runs the same software as the RMX 2000 and RMX 4000.

What are the key benefits of the RMX 1500?

The RMX 1500 is flexible mid-range conferencing platform for large and medium-sized organizations

• Large organization benefits: Cost-effective way to extend the benefits of multipoint video collaboration to the network edge, including branches, small offices, remote sites, and teleworkers.

• Medium-sized organization benefits: Cost-effective entry to multipoint collaboration; supports ISDN, PSTN, H.323, SIP, and mobile devices.

All organizations experience the following key benefits with RMX 1500:

• Delivers lowest TCO and highest ROI of any conference platform in the market today through unprecedented bandwidth efficiencies Lowers bandwidth requirements up to 50 percent through new media cards supporting H.264 High Profile technology, which delivers lowest TCO and highest ROI (Same quality video at half the bandwidth)

Increases video capacity up to 50 percent to extend multiparty conferencing to more sites, more cost effectively through H.264 High Profile support (Same quality video at half the bandwidth)

• Provides the highest quality user experiences with dynamic resource allocation and network flexibility and reliability Dynamically allocates resources for peak efficiency regardless of call type, across all environments, ensuring more people collaborate, the highest quality experience

Combines with the Polycom Distributed Media Application (DMA) 7000 and RMX v7 to ensure uptime and streamline administration with the unmatched reliability of automatic failover, reporting, system maintenance and provisioning, with the combined power of Polycom Distributed Media Application (DMA) 7000 and RMX v7.

Delivers uncompromising, highest quality video available with Symmetric 1080p at the edge (end-users)

Ensures legacy networks are integrated with current IP video networks while reducing network infrastructure costs with breakthrough multi-functional design that supports ISDN, PSTN, H.323, SIP and mobile devices.

 • Leverages native integration with leading UC applications and tools for wide-scale adoption and services delivery Avoid the expense and administrative hassle of gateways by leveraging native integration with leading UC applications

Deliver visual communications seamlessly within the workflow of familiar applications like Microsoft Outlook for simple use and reduced training requirements.

What are the key features of the RMX 1500?

The RMX 1500:

• Is based on the MPMx technology

• Offers a max capacity that equals one MPMx card

·         Up to 360 audio calls, 60 SD calls, 30 HD calls

• Uses the same code base as RMX 2000/4000

• Comes with a removable power supply

• Offers a field replaceable optional ISDN module (4 PRIs)

• Is supported in DMA 7000 distributed architecture

Does the RMX 1500 run the same software as the RMX 2000 and 4000?

Yes, the RMX 1500 will release with RMX v7.0 software and will continue to be on the same software version as both the RMX 2000 and RMX 4000.

Will the DMA support the RMX 1500?

Yes, the DMA will support RMX 1500 and v7.0 with DMA release 2.2.

What card is inside the RMX 1500?

The RMX 1500 has 1 MPMx card inside the chassis.

What are the key issues to consider when recommending a RMX 1500 configuration?

• RMX 1500 is a closed box.

• RMX 1500 comes with two (2) hardware configurations: single, “MPMx-S”, with a capacity of up to 15HD/30SD/45CIF (VRMX1505HDR, VRM1510HDR, VRM1515HDR)

double, “MPMx-D”, 30HD/60SD/90CIF (VRM1520HDR and VRM1530HDR)

Upgrades are limited to the maximum license capacity for the hardware at this time

• Take into consideration your customers future needs when selecting the right RMX product. Consider the RMX 2000 if the company is rapidly growing

• RMX 1000 may be the right choice for a very small environment with limited needs – no DMA, etc.

Does the RMX 1500 support ISDN/PSTN via a PRI card, and if so, is this an option?

Yes, the RMX 1500 does support PSTN and ISDN callers. The 4-Port PRI is an option that can be found on PB#1209 or on the Polycom Price List starting in August 2010.

Does the RMX 1500 support native integration with Microsoft?

Yes, the 1500 does support integration with Microsoft. The RMX 1500 can register and authenticate with the Microsoft OCS 2007 server, as well as an H.323 gatekeeper, thereby allowing Microsoft SIP clients, H.323 endpoints, and PSTN/ISDN callers all to be in the same conference.

Additionally, the RMX 1500 can be used as part of a Polycom Conferencing for Microsoft Outlook environment, where it is natively integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook.

Where can I go if I have further questions or need more information?

Please consult with the following people for further questions:

• Marisa Shumway, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for RMX

• Udi Ben Baron, Senior Product Manager, RMX/MGC series