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As the ongoing pandemic asks you to provide high quality care at a distance, new customizable TeleHealth Medical Carts make remote patient care a smoother experience by allowing more of the focus to be on the care of the patients rather than the struggles of keeping a connection. The fully equipped, fully mobile cart comes outfitted with an on-board PC capable of running any video conferencing application and a high-end PTZ camera and speakerphone, so you can provide the highest quality remote care available. Finally, with a fully mobile, high-powered battery pack you have the power needed to stay unplugged for several hours at a time. offers more customization as needed including features like electronically raising and lowering the cart. If you are a health professional interested in upgrading your TeleMedicine experience or a facility looking to outfit a team of remote care professionals, please visit or give us a call. We would love to tell you more about the amazing features our TeleHealth Medical carts have to offer!