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Poly has finally announced the next installment to their industry leading Studio line of conferencing cameras.

The result was well worth the wait.

The Poly Studio E70 is a new intelligent camera designed for large conference rooms. Dual lenses with 20 megapixel 4K sensors harness the power to capture all participants in crystal clear quality. However, the Studio E70 is more than just great video quality. The abundance of advanced features, like the AI-driven camera array and motorized electronic privacy shutters, are geared towards overhauling how conference rooms are communicating virtually. All housed within a low profile design to not be distracting.

Powered by Poly’s new DirectorAI, the wide angle lens allows the full room to be seen, even if people are sitting close to the camera, while the narrow lens allows the camera to zoom in on participants in the back of the room. Poly’s advanced DirectorAI technology upgrades their already impressive group framing and speaker tracking. Presenter Mode is scheduled for future release.  Seamless transitions make sure that your meeting is running swimmingly while making sure that everyone is seen and heard.

Poly is already a must for organizations looking to create and upgrade conference rooms. The Studio E70 is the right entry to keep them at the top of everyone’s list. With hybrid workplaces on the rise, the Studio E70 by Poly (formerly Polycom) gives businesses the power to thrive in the new normal.

Studio E70 Front


The dual lens design allows the Studio E70 to take full advantage of its high performance tracking system. The wide angle captures the entire room, while the narrow lens highlights individual speakers. With Poly’s tracking technology, both lens work in perfect harmony.

POLY DirectorAI

Poly DirectorAI is the brain behind Poly’s cutting-edge video experiences. It is the intelligence that powers all of their automatic behavior. AI and machine learning technology deliver real-time automatic transitions, framing, and tracking that make everyone feel like they are in the same room together. Poly DirectorAI perfects the hybrid working experience by seamlessly connecting the meeting room to the home office.

Studio E70 Teams Conference Room
Studio E70 Shutter


Each lens comes equipped with a motorized privacy shutter for split-second privacy at the touch of a button. Even your conference room needs to feel the comfort of full privacy. Solid red bars on physical privacy shutters means that you can feel comfortable that the camera is off when you need it to be.

Studio E70 Front
High End 4K Optics
AI-Driven Camera Array
Integrated Motorized Privacy Shutters
Easy Management with Poly Lens App
Built-In Microphones Assist Tracking


Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more. We pride ourselves on our extensive video conferencing experience. Give us your room size, budget, and preferences. We can give you the best options for your room. Let us do the work.

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