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The Best USB Extenders For Poly Devices

We’ve worked with plenty of organizations and IT professionals who design their conferencing rooms so that their conferencing system hubs are located away from the head of the room often in an IT closet or control center. Creating long distances between say a conferencing codec or matrix switch and its peripherals (camera, audio, displays, etc.).  The cables that come with these systems out of the box often are not long enough to cover these distances – requiring an extension kit to create a strong and reliable long distance connection between these devices.

Below we’ve selected our top picks of USB extension kits for Poly conferencing devices, being that is our most popular brand of conferencing equipment. Our experts that have years of experience designing, configuring, and doing major installs in all types of conferencing spaces have tested and confirmed these USB extenders to be the best options for Poly conferencing devices. Browse our selection below and please call 1-866-323-5773 to speak to one of those experts directly and they will answer any questions you may have.

Poly Cameras

AvPro USB Extension Kit

The AvPro AC-EXUSB-2-KIT USB extension kit can extend a USB 2.0 signal up to 100 meters over Cat5e or better. We have tested this product and it works great with the Poly E70 and Poly EagleEye IV USB.

Sound Control RCU2S-E70

The Sound Control Technologies RCU2S-E70 camera extension kit comes equipped with everything needed to connect the RemoteCamUSB2 USB extender to the Poly Studio E70. *CURRENLTY BACKORDERED*

Poly Touch Control

Poly GC8 USB Extender

USB Extender for Poly GC8 (Icron USB 2.0 Ranger 2311 USB Extender) extends the distance of USB connection between Poly GC8 and room PC up to 100 m/330 ft.

Poly Device Mode

AVPro HDMI & USB Extension Kit

The AVPro AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT can extend an HDMI and USB connection up to 40 Meters over one Cat6 cable. Works great with Poly Device Mode on the Poly Studio X-series and Poly G7500.

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