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Learn about the features of the Yealink MB65 & Yealink MB86

Yealink, known for its flexible and innovative conferencing devices, has introduced two powerful Meeting Boards that cater to the diverse needs of businesses – the Yealink MB65 for small and medium rooms, and the Yealink MB86 for medium and large rooms. In this blog post, we’ll explore the exceptional features that make these meeting boards stand out and revolutionize the way teams collaborate.

Yealink Meeting Board Feaures:

Native Microsoft Teams & Zoom Experience: Easily toggle between Teams and Zoom and enjoy the familiar experience of your organizations app of choice.

Vibrant 4K UHD Display: Available in 65-inch or 86-inch options choose the display size that’s right for your room, whether you need one larger display for a large room or a more compact one for a smaller space or dual displays.

10-Point Multi-Touch Screen: Interactivity is key in collaborative environments, and the 10-point multi-touch screen of the Yealink Meeting Board allows for fluid and responsive touch interactions. This feature is particularly beneficial during brainstorming sessions and collaborative presentations.

Wireless Content Sharing: One standout feature of the Yealink Meeting Board is its wireless content sharing capability. With built-in wireless connectivity, users can effortlessly share presentations, documents, and multimedia content from their devices, fostering a truly collaborative and cable-free environment.

Yealink Noise Proof Technology: Enhancing the audio experience, the MB65 comes equipped with Yealink’s Noise Proof Technology. This ensures crystal-clear audio during virtual meetings, eliminating background noise and distractions, and enabling seamless communication.

Optional Add-on Devices: Add PTZ cameras, expansion microphones, or touch controls to build your perfect collaboration space. Click here to browse compatible devices.

4K UHD Resolution: A standout feature of the Meeting Board is its 4K UHD resolution, delivering stunning clarity and visual precision. This level of detail is especially crucial for detailed design discussions, data analysis, and any scenario where visual fidelity is paramount.

Dual Cameras for Versatile Views: To accommodate different meeting scenarios, the Yealink Meeting Boards  comes equipped with dual cameras. This allows users to switch between different views, providing flexibility for video conferencing, presentations, and collaborative discussions.

Enhanced Collaboration with Built-in Whiteboard: Yealink Meeting Boards takes collaboration to the next level with its built-in whiteboard feature. This digital whiteboard enables real-time annotation, fostering creativity and allowing teams to brainstorm and ideate seamlessly.

Yealink Meeting Board Room Add Ons


Yealink MB 6X

The Yealink MB-Camera-6X is an extended PTZ camera module with 6x optical zoom for the MeetingBoard Series designed for medium to large rooms.

Yealink MB 12X

The Yealink MB-Camera-12X is an extended PTZ camera module with 12x optical zoom for the MeetingBoard Series designed for medium to large rooms.


Yealink VCM35

The Yealink VCM35 wired expansion microphone with a built-in 3-microphone array that covers a 20ft radius.

Yealink VCM36-W

The Yealink VCM36-W wireless expansion microphone is a USB tabletop microphone that covers a 20ft radius.

CPU Modules

Yealink MCore-OPS

The Yealink MCore-OPS enables the use of Windows OS on Meeting Boards.


Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more. We pride ourselves on our extensive video conferencing experience. Give us your room size, budget, and preferences. We can give you the best options for your room. Let us do the work.

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