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Introducing The Poly Studio V52

Legendary Poly Audio and Video Technology

The Poly Studio V52 is a USB video bar designed to elevate your conferencing experience. It integrates legendary Poly audio and video technology, ensuring crystal-clear sound and high-definition visuals across various video conferencing platforms.

Bringing Premium Features to PC-Based Rooms

With the Poly Studio V52, users can enjoy feature parity with Poly’s all-in-one video bars, previously exclusive to other systems. This means experiencing the same premium quality and ease of use, now compatible with Windows operating systems.

Future-Proof Collaboration

The advanced capabilities of the Poly Studio V52, combined with powerful conferencing PCs, create a future-proof solution capable of handling demanding workloads. It embraces the latest generation innovations, such as the addition of a center-of-table camera for enhanced visibility.

AI-Powered Innovations

Poly Studio V52 incorporates Poly’s latest AI innovations, including Poly Director AI Perimeter. This feature is particularly valuable in rooms with glass walls, minimizing distractions from external sources and ensuring focused meetings.

Robust Management with Poly Lens

Poly Lens provides robust management capabilities across the entire portfolio of hybrid working devices, including the Poly Studio V52. This centralized management platform saves time and resources while optimizing collaboration outcomes for organizations.

The Poly Studio V52 stands out as a versatile and powerful solution for PC-based rooms, combining premium audio and video technology with innovative features to enhance collaboration in today’s dynamic work environment.


Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more. We pride ourselves on our extensive video conferencing experience. Give us your room size, budget, and preferences. We can give you the best options for your room. Let us do the work.

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