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Learn More About The Lifesize Phone

The LifeSize Phone is a high definition audio conference phone that delivers revolutionary audio conferencing sound quality and room coverage. It eliminates echoes and electronic shielding negates the distracting “buzz” caused by the presence of cellular phones and other handheld devices. The LifeSize Phone is powered by 16 microphones and exclusive, patent-pending circular microphone array with beam forming technology, which provides a seamless and immersive teleconference experience. It is also capable of placing three-way audio conferencing calls, enabling people to communicate effectively. The LifeSize Phone is designed to work in large conference rooms or small office settings for weekly executive conference calls or regular project team meetings. True CD quality is achieved with super wide-band audio up to 16 kHz which uses MPEG4 AAC, the same algorithm used in the popular music storage products. The LifeSize Phone allows you to hear all the participants in an audio conference with ease, which reduces fatigue and improves productivity and decision making. The LifeSize Phone provides exceptional VoIP conference phone quality and integration to a variety of IP-PBX systems (SIP and H.323). It can also be fully integrated with LifeSize Room and LifeSize Team video systems. Pre-tested and integrated with multiple vendors, the LifeSize Phone ensures the highest quality voice and video solutions via integration with overall business communication requirements.



* High definition audio conferencing phone
* Three-way audio conferencing capability
* 16 kHz super wide-band audio increases clarity and intelligibility
* VoIP audio conference phone and integration with Enterprise-class SIP and H.323 IP PBX systems
* May be used alone or with LifeSize videoconferencing systems
* Innovative circular microphone array with 16 always-on microphones and beam forming for maximum detection



This Lifesize product comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty

This plan includes repair or replacement, 8×5 telephone support (normal business hours), 24×7 test sites

LifeSize Phone Part # 1000-0000-0101

323.TV™ part # 25000

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 6 in
MPN 1000-0000-0101
Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 6 in
MPN 1000-0000-0101