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The Polycom SoundStation 2 is designed for small to medium conference rooms with industry-leading full duplex for natural, simultaneous two-way conversation. 1 Year Warranty and Tech Support Included.


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The Polycom SoundStation 2 Conference Phone Features (Part #2200-16000-001)

  • Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology for remarkable voice quality
  • Ten feet (3-meters) of 360-degree microphone pickup range ideal for small and medium-sized conference rooms
  • The Polycom SoundStation2 has Resistance to interference from mobile phones
  • Large LCD display  for caller ID and other call information
  • Easy installation and use from standard telephone lines — no technical knowledge required
  • Applications port, which connects to mobile phones for dialing from rooms without an analog phone line, or to a PC for Internet calling

A Top-Rated Audio Conferencing Phone by Poly (previously Polycom)

The Polycom Soundstation 2 tabletop console contains audio processing functions and keypad. Wall module contains power and telephone line interfaces. Cables consist of a 21 ft (6.4 m) single-cord connection to the tabletop console and a 7 ft (2.1 m) connection to the RJ-11 telephone jack. Optional Extended microphone modules connect to console via 8 ft. (2.4 m) cables.

Refurbished Polycom Soundstation 2 units include all required cables, accessories, remote installation assistance, on-call technical support, and a one-year warranty that covers repair or replacement of Polycom voice conferencing equipment by 323.tv.

Polycom Soundstation 2 Part # 2200-16000-001

323.TV™ part # 79101

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 8 in


MPN 2200-16000-001

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 8 in


MPN 2200-16000-001