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Learn about the Polycom SoundStructure SR12

The Polycom SoundStructure SR12 installed audio solution delivers powerful and flexible audio processing for any commercial sound application that does not require conferencing capabilities. Either alone or linked with up to seven additional systems, the Polycom SoundStructure SR12 system is an ideal solution for any sound application, including houses of worship, stadiums, conference centers, hotels, clubs and restaurants. A powerful gain sharing automixer with automatic gain control on all inputs ensures that Polycom SoundStructure SR12 has consistent microphone pickup in all environments and flexible equalization, dynamics, and cross-over processing enable a broad range of applications. The Polycom SoundStructure SR12 has feedback elimination on all inputs which prevents embarassing acoustic feedback and provides for flexible microphone and loudspeaker placement. Unrivaled noise cancellation technology removes the broadest range of background noises, and the Polycom SoundStructure SR12 central matrix mixer seamlessly scales from 12 up to 96 inputs and outputs for easy set up of multi-zone audio systems. In addition, the Polycom SoundStructure SR12 model features the same flexibility and ease of installation as the Polycom SoundStructure C-Series conferencing products and is an ideal way to add 12 additional nonconferencing inputs (such as other line level audio sources) and outputs to a SoundStructure conferencing system. An innovative OBAM matrix architecture enables multiple Polycom SoundStructure units to work together as one large system for unparalleled scalability and flexibility. All Polycom SoundStructure products leverage advanced signal grouping, channel labeling and submixing allows the Polycom SoundStructure to utilize existing design and configuration work for future installations – saving time and money. Polycom’s exclusive SoundStructure software makes configuration easy and is powerful enough to handle the most challenging acoustic designs.

Installation is easy when you buy from 323.tv

Don’t worry if you’re the IT guy who has been tasked with the installation. Tech Support is included for free and we keep most Polycom products in stock so your order will ship fast. Once you receive the system, you will simply take it out of the box, plug in a few cables and give it an IP address. If you need any help with network settings or configuration, just give our knowledgeable support team a call. They have years of experience and are always ready to help. You can even call and ask questions before you buy at 1-866-323-5773.


Low cost option for integrating audio and video in your conference room
Lower Cost of Deployment and Administration
Superior Audio using Polycom Clarity
Eight channels provides ultimate flexibility into one single solution


New Polycom products require a one year maintenance agreement.
This plan includes next day parts replacement, 8×5 telephone support (normal business hours), 24×7 test sites, Software upgrades and updates, user training.

Refurbished Polycom products come with a 1 Year 323.tv Limited Warranty
This plan includes repair or replacement, 8×5 telephone support (normal business hours), 24×7 test sites
You can optionally add Polycom maintenance to Refurbished Polycom products. Call 1-866-323-5773 to get a quote.

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Polycom SoundStructure SR12 Part # 2200-36120-001

323.tv Part # 79725

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 8 in


MPN 2200-36120-001
Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 8 in


MPN 2200-36120-001