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Learn about the Polycom VSX 7000e

Designed for flexibility, the Polycom VSX 7000e split systems are ideal for medium to large conference rooms where there is a requirement to have the camera and video system separated; for instance, configurationsthat include plasma or LCD displays or projection screens. The VSX 7000e configurations include a wide range of options that will match the needs of most meeting rooms, options such as data sharing, multiple cameras and video bridging capability. Like the other award-winning products in the VSX line, the VSX 7000e includes Polycom StereoSurround™ for the best audio in the market, as well as Polycom Pro-Motion™ for optimal motion handling and video resolution. VSX 7000e customers can combine the SoundStation VTX1000® conference phone with their system, allowing them to make video calls through their conference phone and to use it as their stereo microphone, eliminating clutter and wires on the conference table. Take your choice of how you want to call – IP, SIP or ISDN – and be assured that your video conference is secure with the most up-to-date encryption standards. The VSX 7000e makes it easy to get started by giving you the option of connecting either a VGA or TV display as your main display. For applications that require content sharing, connect both a TV (for People) and a VGA (for Content). The VSX 7000e is designed for maximum flexibility combined with easy installation and setup – allowing any user to quickly and easily configure their VSX 7000e system for immediate video conferencing. The different connection options, all of which are plug-and-play, allow you to connect a VCR for record and playback, a second camera (document camera or another video source), and attach a PC to display content from the Web or from a local or network directory. Once these other video and content sources are connected, users can easily show a movie file, PowerPoint® presentation, pictures, live video feeds, as well as play audio files – all while participating in a video conference. And the other participants in the video conference can always see the people speaking as well as the content being shown, imitating the environment of everyone being in the same room.

Installation is easy when you buy from 323.tv

Don’t worry if you’re the IT guy who has been tasked with the installation. Tech Support is included for free and we keep most Polycom products in stock so your order will ship fast. Once you receive the system, you will simply take it out of the box, plug in a few cables and give it an IP address. If you need any help with network settings or configuration, just give our knowledgeable support team a call. They have years of experience and are always ready to help. You can even call and ask questions before you buy at 1-866-323-5773.


Refurbished Polycom products come with a 1 Year 323.tv Limited Warranty
This plan includes repair or replacement, 8×5 telephone support (normal business hours), 24×7 test sites
You can optionally add Polycom maintenance to Refurbished Polycom products. Call 1-866-323-5773 to get a quote.


The Polycom VSX7000e system include all required cables, accessories, remote installation assistance, on-call technical support, and a one-year warranty which covers repair or replacement by 323.tv.


Polycom VSX 7000e Part # 2201-22230-001

323.TV™ part # 89550

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 21 in
MPN 2201-22230-001

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 21 in
MPN 2201-22230-001