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The brand new Poly G7500 is Poly’s latest enterprise system for Video Conferencing and Collaboration. Polycom, now Poly since the merger between Polycom and Plantronics, felt that it was time for a successor to its widely popular RealPresence Group Series.

The new features that the Poly G7500 brings to the table include 4k Ultra-HD video resolution, 4k content sharing, seamless wireless presentation, infinite whiteboarding, and the superior Polycom audio quality that has been the industry standard for over two decades.

Enhanced Content Sharing, Presentation, and Collaboration Tools

Poly decided to make content one its primary focuses for the G7500, giving users the ability to share content in 4k resolution with options to connect devices via the HDMI-in port on the back or wirelessly via Apple Airplay, Miracast, or the Polycom Content App. This is all possible because the G7500 has the technology of the Polycom Pano embedded into the codec, giving it cutting edge presentation ability without the need for an external device.

Infinite Whiteboard
G7500 Gallery View

4k Ultra-HD Resolution

The Poly G7500 is one of the few Video Conferencing codecs on the market that supports 4k video and it comes enabled right out the box with no additional software option necessary. Of course you will need a 4k display in order to experience your meetings in 4k resolution, but Poly will be coming out with bundles in the near future that include the complete G7500 systems with 65, 75, and 85-inch 4k touch displays.

No More Proprietary Mic Cables

Another distinct new features of the Poly G7500 is the new IP Microphone that comes standard with the system that will now connect via ethernet cable instead of the proprietary walta connection of the past. Eliminating the proprietary audio connection allows integrators more flexibility with the microphone devices that they use with G7500 and Poly has promised a great new feature to the microphones that will allow them to be plugged into a network and paired to the G7500 rather than directly connected.

Backwards Compatibility

A great advantage to the Poly G7500 is that it is backwards compatible with many of the accessory devices from the past two generations of Polycom video conferencing systems. Notably the EagleEye IV Cameras, RealPresence and HDX Mic Arrays, Polycom Ceiling Microphone, EagleEye Producer, and Director will all still be fully functional with the G7500. To use the older microphones you will need the Poly walta to IP adapter in order to connect the mics to the G7500.

Touch Control

Poly has developed an application that will be available for download and use on select Android devices in order to have a touch device to control the Poly G7500. A dedicated touch device will be released by Poly with the 2.1 version of software for the G7500 sometime later this year.

Poly Touch Control App
Poly Touch Control Screen App