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Lifesize recently announced that as of April 26, 2019 their 220 series systems (Express, Team, & Room) will no longer be able to register to the Lifesize Cloud platform. Lifesize explains this as result of advances in their cloud architecture which the 220 systems are no longer able to keep up with.

The good news is that at we’re offering a great trade-in opportunity to all our customers to trade in your Lifesize 220s and buy a Lifesize Icon series system. The Lifesize Icon systems were designed for the Lifesize Cloud environment with a sleek interface which makes navigating and connecting to the cloud a breeze. If you have a Lifesize 220 or older system and use the Lifesize Cloud platform, will give you a great trade-in value for your current system towards your purchase of a Lifesize Icon.

If you have Legacy Lifesize system and have never used the cloud service, this a perfect time to consider signing up for it. The Lifesize Cloud is a robust platform that integrates high-end video conferencing endpoints and collaboration technology onto a network that can bring virtually anyone on any device in for a high quality meeting experience. Starting and scheduling meetings, presentations, and managing your devices are all a breeze inside the Lifesize Cloud.

Learn more about the Lifesize Icon series below and give us a call to talk to an expert about what we can offer towards your upgrade!

Lifesize Icon Series

HD Video and Audio
High definition video ranging
from 1080p to 4K resolution.
Crisp Full HD Camera Experience

The Lifesize 10x Camera offers the highest quality zoom capability at 1080p  with 10x zoom and 245° total view range.

Wireless Sharing

Share content wirelessly to your Icon system and easily manage through the Lifesize phone touch interface.

User-friendly Interface

Simple and sleek interface allows users to navigate system settings and start meetings quickly.

H.323 and SIP Calling

Use H.323 and SIP dialing to connect with other standards-based systems directly.

Ease of Use and Management

Activating the system and syncing to the cloud is a breeze. Software updates happen automatically.