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What is the Zoom Room Connector?

The Zoom Room Connector is an add-on feature to a regular Zoom video conferencing subscription. Each connector assigns one port to your account for joining H.323/SIP endpoints like Polycom systems into your Zoom calls. The Zoom Room Connector allows users to leverage H.323/SIP endpoint systems to join Zoom calls where remote users can be on virtually any device and a large number of participants can be in the call. This is a great advantage to be able to enjoy the professional grade hardware of a Polycom (or similar H.323/SIP endpoint) with the flexibility of Zoom’s platform, especially if you need to continue using the H.323/SIP system for standard IP or SIP calls.

Is the Zoom Room Connector assigned to a specific H.323/SIP Endpoint?

No, each Zoom Room Connector assigns a port to your account that allows one concurrent H.323/SIP endpoint to be in the call. It is NOT specific to the endpoint. Any H.323/SIP endpoint can dial in with the Zoom H.323 or SIP bridge address and the account’s meeting ID as long as no other H.323/SIP endpoint has joined the meeting. If you plan on more than one H.323/SIP endpoint needing to be in your Zoom meetings concurrently, then you need to add a Zoom Room Connector to your plan for each additional concurrent endpoint.

What are the advantages of the Zoom Room Connector?

There are three cases in which the Zoom Room Connector is a great option:

  1. You want to use Zoom or a cloud service generally, but want high quality audio and video equipment plus the reliability of a purpose-built video conferencing system like a Polycom.
  2. You need to do both Zoom calls and H.323/SIP calls interchangeably. One meeting you may want to connect with users on Zoom, but for another you need to connect with H.323/SIP endpoints.
  3. You already have existing H.323/SIP endpoints and want to use Zoom or a cloud service generally to connect for meetings with users that can be on any device. Using the Zoom Room Connector saves you money and time changing out the hardware.