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What is a Microsoft Teams Room?

What is a Microsoft Teams Room?

When you think of a Microsoft Teams Room, picture a meeting space where your laptop, webcam, or speakerphone is not going to cut it to capture high quality audio and video for your Teams meeting. This is typically going to be the case for any area larger than your personal workspace or a small huddle room. If you have a conference room, training room, or larger collaboration space where you’re going to be using Teams for meetings, a Microsoft Teams Room system is going to be necessary to ensure effective communication and collaboration for those meetings.

A Microsoft Teams Room system is a pre-packaged hardware bundle from certified manufacturers like Logitech, Poly, and Yealink that typically features a dedicated windows mini computer, touch control, camera, and audio device(s). These systems are designed for environments of various sizes and layouts with enhanced audio devices and camera solutions as the rooms get larger or more complex.

What's the difference between a regular Teams meeting and a Teams Room meeting?

There’s almost no difference in the meeting experience of a regular Teams meeting and one running on a Teams Room system. The only difference is that you interface with the Windows PC using the touch control which has a similar but slightly different layout than the regular Teams PC application. So from the touch control you can initiate a meeting by calling someone on your Teams contact list or schedule a meeting and invite participants.

Microsoft Teams Room Systems

A certified Microsoft Teams Room System has the Teams ‘Room’ load of software and typically includes a windows mini-PC, touch control, camera, and audio device(s). There are pre-packaged certified Microsoft Teams Room Systems for every size of environment and also options for building your own Room system and customize the audio and camera devices around a base PC and touch control. Whether you want a pre-packaged system ready to deploy or something more custom, carries all equipment you need and can provide expert consultation to design the perfect Microsoft Teams Room in any space.

Are there any Microsoft Teams Room Systems that don't require a PC?

Yes Microsoft has allowed certified manufacturers to develop all-in-one collaboration bars that run the Teams Room software natively with no PC required. The Poly Studio X series is the first and the best in this class of Teams Room systems.

What about my H.323 or SIP Conference Systems?

If you have existing video conferencing equipment such as Polycom, Cisco, or Lifesize Endpoints, Polycom RealConnect for Teams is an excellent solution to leverage that equipment with Microsoft Teams. The RealConnect services allows you to connect those endpoints to Teams meetings so that you can get continue to get great value out of your systems and not waste time and money upgrading hardware.