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The Shure brand has been a favorite for audiophiles for many years. Towards the end of 2020, Shure further grew their dominance in the audio space by acquiring Stem Audio, a brand that has been gaining due notoriety for their Stem Ecosystem. As of this month, Shure and Stem Audio are here to deliver on this exciting partnership. Customers can now order the full Stem Ecosystem portfolio and experience the powerful synergy only Shure and Stem Audio can deliver.

The Stem Ecosystem product portfolio offers innovative solutions for businesses looking to equip their conference rooms with powerful, mix and match audio conferencing devices. Including microphones, loudspeakers, a dedicated control interface, and a central communication hub, the Stem Ecosystem is designed to communicate seamlessly with all the Stem devices connected on the network. While delivering professional audio quality and complex microphone arrays, the Stem Ecosystem is designed to be flexible and easy to use. This ease-of-use mentality means that the end user can experience powerful audio conferencing technology without the frustration. When looking at the full Stem Ecosystem portfolio it is easy to see why Shure saw great potential. Outfit your conference room with the Stem Ecosystem and experience their best-in-class audio solutions.

Stem Audio Product Line


The beauty of the Stem Ecosystem is highlighted by its mix and match potential. By having your Stem devices pair over your network, you can find a combination of products to fit any size room or function. Larger conference rooms can benefit from Ceilings and Speakers, while small and medium rooms can get what they need from the Wall and Control. Whatever you need, the Stem Ecosystem has a solution. We have experts that have worked with Shure for many years, and we are excited to add Stem Audio to the portfolio. Let us know how you want your meeting room to sound, and we will help you find the assortment of Stem devices that best fits within your scheme and budget. We are confident Stem Audio will deliver an exceptional audio experience for your next meeting room. Call us today to find out how.

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