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Poly's Enhanced Microsoft Teams Rooms Experience

Poly’s most recent software update, Poly OS 3.3.2, gives their android based operating system the Microsoft Teams Rooms enhancements we have been waiting for. The MTR interface on Poly’s android devices now more closely resembles the MTR interface found on Windows. This means you will get a more detailed and interactable meeting calendar and one touch meeting controls. The products currently running Poly’s android operating software includes the G7500, the Studio x50, and the Studio x30. While Microsoft Teams is not currently supported on the G7500, we can expect it to have a similar functionality to the Studio X bars within the next month. The Poly TC8 touch controller is also seeing an interface improvement that more closely resembles the Windows interface. So, when pairing your G7500, Studio x50, or Studio x30 to a TC8 you can expect the same great functionality that has made their Windows interface stand out.

Microsoft Teams solutions still see a high demand as businesses continue to shift into an ongoing hybrid workforce. For many, highly efficient tools for virtual collaboration have become the expectation. Fortunately, the quick response from video conferencing manufacturers means that businesses and collaborators have more quality options than ever. For Poly, the better MTR experience simply improves upon their already impressive Studio X video bars. The all-in-one systems have been helping organizations collaborate to their highest potential throughout the pandemic, and we expect their use to continue to climb. If you are still finding the Microsoft Teams Room experience that is right for you, now is a good time to try Poly’s MTR solutions.

Studio X Series

G7500 Series