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It’s easy to see why all-in-one video bars have become the most requested item for new conference room setups. Having cameras, microphones, and speakers all in a single device make set up simple and keep costs low. Even better, android based systems with native Microsoft Teams and Zoom integration eliminate the need for a dedicated PC.

Due to the high demand, new all-in-one solutions are coming out at a rapid rate. Which one should you choose? Yealink’s new A20 and A30 meeting bars are worth your consideration.

Beneath the simple appearance, the A20 and A30 pack a lot of power. The camera system on both bars is designed to capture all of the room participants, no matter where they are in the room. The A30’s dual lens system alternates between the wide and narrow angle lens so both group framing and speaker tracking look crystal clear. The A20, on the other hand, has a single lens, but the 20 megapixels and 133° field of view mean that group framing and speaker tracking are still possible across the full room layout.

The built-in audio is equally impressive. Leveraging machine-learning, the A20 and A30 come equipped with Yealink’s Noise Proof technology and echo cancellation. By eliminating outside noise, everyone can be heard loud and clear and the meeting can stay distraction free.

Both the A20 and A30 are locked into either Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms based on the version you purchase. This makes them perfect for rooms dedicated to either of the platforms, but can limit the flexibility a bit. Be sure to select the correct version before making the purchase.

As always, our video conferencing experts are eager to help you with any questions you may have. Let us know the size of the room you are looking to outfit and we can help you determine the right fit. Also, let us know if you want to see the A20 or A30 in action before you make your decision. We can set up a quick demo so you know you are making the right choice.


Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more. We pride ourselves on our extensive video conferencing experience. Give us your room size, budget, and preferences. We can give you the best options for your room. Let us do the work.

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