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As we enter the 3rd quarter of 2021 video conferencing technology is still growing at a rapid rate. Conferencing platforms, like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, are pushing out new updates to their software regularly and manufacturers, like Poly, Logitech, and Yealink, are matching their pace with impressive new equipment. This has resulted in an increased need for new equipment for conference rooms across the country. Fortunately, there are great opportunities to save money while upgrading to the latest and greatest.

Poly’s Trade In program is still going strong and has helped many organizations save on their conference room upgrades. We can help extend its benefits to you. Fill out the form below and we can help you find the upgrade you are looking for, even when upgrading from competitors like Logitech, AVer, and Cisco.

Upgrade opportunities are not limited to the Trade In Poly products. If you are looking to upgrade to systems from other brands or Poly products that don’t qualify, your older systems are perfect for our Buy Back program. Get great savings on the new systems you have been waiting for while trading in the systems you don’t need.

Get assistance with the program that’s right for you.


Our partnership with Poly allows us to offer a really great opportunity to trade up to their current product offering. This includes top sellers like the Studio X bars and the G7500 series. By simply filling out the trade-in form when purchasing new equipment you can save upwards of 30% off list price, no need to physically send in the old equipment. The program isn’t limited to upgrading from Poly or Polycom devices. You can still take advantage of the trade-in program when upgrading from devices from other manufacturers like Logitech and Cisco.

As always, our sales experts are available to answer your trade-in questions. Let us know if your wondering what products are eligible, what you want to upgrade from, or if you need any help with the process. When your ready to begin the process, please fill out the Trade In form below and sent it to

Poly Trade In Form

323tv BUY BACK

You might be looking to upgrade to systems from other brands or Poly systems that aren’t eligible for the Trade In program. Good news, you can still find savings for those upgrades using for our buy back program. When you purchase new equipment from us at, we’ll buy back your older systems and polish them up for our refurbished product offering.

To learn more please fill out the form below with what you are looking to trade in and our sales experts will create a custom quote for the new equipment you are looking to purchase. No strings attached!

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