Polycom HDX 7000 Video Conference System

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The Polycom HDX 7000 video conference system comes complete with EagleEye camera, HDX Mic Array, remote, and cables. Simply plug the system into the TV and network to start making HD video calls. Integrate the HDX 7000 with web conferencing services like Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, and Zoom.

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Learn about the Polycom HDX 7000 (Product #7200-23130-001)

The Polycom HDX 7000 is the ultimate cost-effective solution for organizations looking to add a high definition video conferencing system to any small or medium-sized conference space. The HDX 7000 has a sleek design, is easy to use, and packs in a rich set of features that includes beautiful HD video and crystal-clear audio. The Polycom HDX 7000 is so simple to use, you’ll be able to walk into the room and start a video conference with one click of a button. No matter what industry you’re in, the HDX 7000 makes communication easy and effective so that you can quickly connect with people that are anywhere in the world to have a face to face conversation that feels like you are in the room with them. With Polycom’s enhanced HD technology, you’ll never have to strain to hear what’s being said or squint to see what’s on the screen. The Polycom HDX 7000 supports dual monitors, a single HD camera, up to two tabletop microphones, or Polycom’s high-end HDX ceiling microphone arrays so that you can design the perfect conferencing setup tailored to fit your needs. For a large conference space that you’ll need two cameras or up to 3 microphones to cover the whole room, you can check out the Polycom HDX 8000. All Polycom HDX systems support computer content sharing using Polycom’s People + Content so that you can share documents from your PC to make collaboration even easier.

Polycom HDX 7000 Data Sheet

Polycom HDX 7000 Setup Guide

Start making HD video calls right away

We keep Polycom products in stock so your order will ship fast. Once you receive the system, simply take it out of the box, plug in a few cables and give it an IP address. Your Polycom HDX 7000 will be able to connect to most H.323 and SIP systems such as CISCO, LifeSize and Polycom, right out of the box with a quick setup. If you need any help with network settings or configuration, just give our knowledgeable support team a call at 1-866-323-5773.We have years of experience and are always ready to help. You can even call and ask questions before you buy.

Integrate Your Polycom HDX 7000 with Skype for Business, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Lifesize Cloud, and More

Cloud Conferencing applications are widely used as a communication tool for text, audio, and video chats in all types of organizations. Now you can connect your high definition video conferencing system to the Cloud by choosing a service plan from your favorite Cloud application provider that includes H.323 and SIP system integration. If you are specifically wanting to integrate the HDX 7000 with Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business, you can add a Polycom Real Connect for Office 365 license to your order and your system will be able to join Skype for Business calls out of the box. See the list below for other Cloud service providers that integrate professional video conferencing systems like the Polycom HDX 7000 into their platforms. Feel free to contact our experts at 1-866-323-5773 and ask any questions you have about cloud integration.

Notable Cloud to H.323 service plans:

  • Polycom RealConnect
  • Lifesize Cloud
  • GoToMeeting InRoom Link
  • Zoom Room Connector

This Complete Polycom HDX 7000 System Includes:

  • Polycom HDX 7000 Codec
  • Polycom EagleEye Camera
  • Polycom HDX Remote
  • Polycom HDX Mic Array
  • All necessary cables

Polycom Part # 7200-23130-001

323.tv Part # 99500

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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in






MPN 7200-23130-001

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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in






MPN 7200-23130-001