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Never Login Again With Zoom Rooms Kit From

A Zoom Rooms Kit only requires a login for the initial setup. After that, enjoy one touch to start meetings, professional grade quality, and seamless functionality.

The Easiest Way To Login To Zoom

If you’re tired of bring your own device (BYOD) conference rooms where you have to login to Zoom from a new device for every single meeting, you should think about getting a dedicated Zoom Room Hardware Kit.

At, we offer several pre-configured Zoom Room Kits that deliver professional grade quality audio and video for Zoom with a sleek and simple interface that will only require you to login for the initial setup. After that you will enjoy one-touch to start meeting experience so you’ll never delay a meeting because you’re searching for your Zoom password or downloading the app again.

Zoom Room Kits from are designed to meet the needs for an array of conference room types, each with high quality audio and video peripherals along with a central Zoom Room controller to easily manage the Zoom Room.

A System for Every Type of Room

Huddle Zoom Room
Polycom Studio
Apple iPad

Huddle Rooms

Login To Zoom Rooms In One Step
Polycom EagleEye IV USB
Polycom Trio 8800

Standard Conference Rooms

Large Conference Zoom Rooms
AVer CAM540
Apple iPad
Polycom Ceiling Microphone

Large Meeting Spaces

PC-based or Stand-alone Systems

zoom rooms 5 G7500-eagleeye-IV-camera-room-image


  • Requires PC or MAC to run Zoom Rooms client
  • USB audio and video peripherals
  • Standard kits come with Polycom Trio or Apple iPad as the controller to pair wirelessly
  • Standard kits come with Intel NUC up to Zoom’s latest specs for Zoom Rooms
  • Advanced audio solutions like ceiling microphones require additional audio mixer to bring into the PC/MAC


  • Purpose built system to run Zoom Rooms. No PC or MAC necessary.
  • High-end audio and video peripherals
  • Up to 4k ultra-hd video resolution
  • Advanced audio solutions like ceiling microphones can connect directly to some systems
  • No risk of viruses that affect the performance of the system
  • Less bandwidth use, reliable and consistent quality

Zoom Room Features

For just $49/month Zoom Rooms is a cost effective and robust web conferencing solution for professional environments.

HD Video and Audio

Get high quality audio and video performance in any size meeting room.

Connect Any Device – Anywhere

Invite remote users that can join from virtually any device.

Wireless Sharing

No need for cables and dongles — share content wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device.

One Touch to Start Meetings

Start an instant or scheduled meeting through your calendaring system at the touch of a button.

Interoperability with H.323/SIP

Connect with standards based video conferencing endpoints, including Polycom, Cisco and Lifesize.

Overview Status and Management

Manage your zoom rooms through the zoom web interface.