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Comparing the Features of the Polycom Pano & Barco ClickShare

In today’s work environment, nearly every collaboration requires content sharing and it’s important that the technology that enables participants to share is readily available and reliable. Whether it be for a presentation or collaborating on a project, quickly being able to stream a video or project a document for the whole room to see is crucial for efficiency. If you’re stuck having to play around with cables, dongles, or are limited based on the type of device you’re using, the whole session is disrupted.

That’s why at, we wanted to take a closer look at two of the most popular dedicated content sharing devices for rooms. Those two devices are the Polycom Pano and the Barco ClickShare. Both offer the basic ability of screen sharing from a device but each offers different options to connect, content sharing resolution, and collaboration features.

Content Sharing Resolution

4K @ 60fps

1080p @ 30fps

Number of Streams Displayed On Screen



Digital Whiteboarding
Wired Connection (HDMI Input)
Apple Airplay
Sharing App
Media Ecryption

Barco Clickshare Review

The Barco Clickshare CS-100 comes with the base unit and a USB dongle that is meant to be plugged into a laptop or desktop in order to screen share from it. They also offer the clickshare app that can be downloaded to mobile devices or windows PCs in order to pair wirelessly without the dongle. No option is available to directly connect into a video input on the Clickshare base unit.

Polycom Pano Review

The Polycom Pano eliminates the need for dongles and is designed as a hub for wireless content sharing and streaming with the ability to directly connect to its HDMI input as well. The Pano supports Apple Airplay, Android Miracast, Bluetooth, and the Pano application so there plenty of options to connect and there is no limit to what type of device you can share content from. The Pano also supports content resolution of up to 4k @ 60 fps so that images and videos are presented in crisp and clear high definition. The pano also supports digital whiteboarding for touchscreen displays and smartboards. All these features are included with the Pano which is now priced at an unbeatable $999.

Which is better?

After assessing the two devices, it was pretty clear to see that Pano delivers better quality and offers a much greater feature package for the same price as the ClickShare. Feel free to call 1-866-323-5773 to ask questions about the content sharing solutions: