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Poly USB Device Mode

Poly announced an exciting new feature recently in its release of the Poly Video OS 3.1 software version. That feature is a USB device mode. Switching your Poly video system, such as a Poly Studio X or the new and top-rated Poly G7500, into this mode allows you to connect a device to run essentially any video conferencing application and use the high-end Poly system as the audio and video peripherals. This vastly expands the flexibility of Poly video systems and welcomes environments that use multiple applications to connect for video meetings. Thus far, outside of its standard H.323/SIP ability, Poly’s new generation of video systems will support native Zoom Rooms and GoToRooms, and Microsoft Teams will be coming soon. While these are the industry leaders, many organizations may want to use more than one of these services in tandem and only want to pay for one “Room” level subscription. Poly USB device mode is a great solution for those organizations. You’ll be able to enjoy the premium quality of the Poly camera and audio, while using whichever application that you need to connect with for the meeting. Check out the Poly Studio X and G7500 models below to find which one is perfect for your environment.

Studio X Series

G7500 Series