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3 Key Features that Separates the X52 From the Competition:

    1. Advanced NoiseBlockAI Technology: The Poly Studio X52 incorporates Advanced NoiseBlockAI technology, which intelligently detects and suppresses background noises, ensuring crystal-clear audio during meetings. This feature sets it apart from comparable devices by offering superior noise cancellation capabilities, resulting in enhanced audio quality and improved communication clarity.
    2. 4K Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) Camera: The Poly Studio X52 features a 4K UHD camera, delivering exceptional video quality with vivid details and sharpness. This high-resolution camera surpasses the capabilities of many comparable devices, providing lifelike visuals that contribute to a more immersive and engaging collaboration experience.
    3. Wireless Content Sharing: Unlike some comparable devices, the Poly Studio X52 offers wireless content sharing capabilities. With built-in wireless connectivity, users can effortlessly share their screens, presentations, and documents without the need for additional cables or adapters. This seamless and convenient feature simplifies the sharing process, making it easier for participants to collaborate and share information during meetings.

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Poly Sets A New Standard With The X52

In the ever-evolving landscape of collaboration technology, Poly continues to push boundaries and redefine the way we work together. The latest addition to their impressive lineup is the Poly X52, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize the way organizations communicate and collaborate. With its cutting-edge features and innovative design, the Poly X52 sets a new standard for seamless virtual meetings and enhanced productivity.

One of the standout features of the Poly X52 is its exceptional audio quality. Powered by advanced audio technologies, this device ensures crystal-clear conversations, allowing every participant to be heard with remarkable clarity. Whether you’re engaging in a conference call or hosting a virtual meeting, the Poly X52’s superior audio performance ensures that nothing gets lost in translation, leading to more effective communication and collaboration.

The Poly X52 also boasts an impressive video conferencing experience. With high-definition video capabilities, this device delivers lifelike visuals that make you feel as if you’re in the same room with your remote counterparts. Whether you’re presenting a proposal, sharing a document, or participating in a virtual brainstorming session, the Poly X52’s exceptional video quality helps to bridge the physical distance and foster a more immersive and engaging collaboration experience.

To further enhance the user experience, the Poly X52 incorporates intelligent features that optimize meeting efficiency. With intelligent noise cancellation technology, background distractions are minimized, allowing participants to focus on the discussion at hand. Additionally, the device offers intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces, making it effortless to navigate and manage your virtual meetings. The Poly X52 ensures that technology never hinders collaboration, but rather acts as a catalyst for seamless and productive interactions.

One of the standout benefits of the Poly X52 is its compatibility with various collaboration platforms and devices. Whether you’re using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or other popular communication tools, the Poly X52 seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, eliminating compatibility concerns and streamlining the adoption process. This versatility enables organizations to leverage their preferred collaboration tools while enjoying the exceptional performance and features of the Poly X52.

Furthermore, the Poly X52 is designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind. Whether you’re working from a dedicated conference room or a home office, the device effortlessly accommodates your setup. Its sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to any environment, while its compact size ensures easy installation and integration into existing setups. The Poly X52 is a truly versatile solution that adapts to your workspace, enabling you to collaborate effectively regardless of your location.

As organizations increasingly embrace hybrid work models, the need for reliable and high-performance collaboration solutions becomes paramount. The Poly X52 addresses this need head-on, empowering organizations to thrive in the era of remote and hybrid work. With its exceptional audio and video capabilities, intelligent features, and seamless integration, the Poly X52 sets a new benchmark for collaboration technology.

In conclusion, the release of the Poly X52 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of collaboration technology. Poly’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric design shines through in this cutting-edge device, which promises to transform the way organizations communicate and collaborate. With its exceptional audio and video quality, intelligent features, and versatile compatibility, the Poly X52 is poised to become a game-changer in the world of virtual meetings and collaborative work. Embrace the future of work with the Poly X52 and unlock the full potential of your team’s collaboration capabilities.

Poly Studio X52

X52 Base Unit

The Poly Studio X52 all-in-one Android video bar runs your Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more meetings natively no pc is required.

Poly Studio X52 Kit

The Poly Studio X52 all-in-one Android video bar kit includes the Poly TC10 Touch Control.

Poly Studio X Series

Poly Studio X30

The Poly Studio X30 is an all-in-one video bar for huddle rooms and small conference rooms.

Poly Studio X50

The Studio X50 is an all-in-one video conferencing bar for medium rooms that runs Microsoft Teams and Zoom natively.

Poly Studio X70

The Studio X70 is a beautifully engineered with razor-sharp 4K video and boardroom-filling stereo sound.

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