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Key Takeaways

  1. Poly Video OS 4.1: Poly has released version 4.1 of its Video OS, available for use on Poly Studio X series devices and the G7500, offering enhanced video conferencing capabilities.
  2. New Features: The update introduces features like Poly DirectorAI Perimeter for minimizing distractions, Sound Reflection Reduction for improved audio quality, and the ability to power the Studio E70 camera over ethernet with the G7500, providing flexibility in deployment.
  3. Improvements and Stability: Poly Video OS 4.1 includes improvements in speaker framing, enhanced web proxy stability, and the ability to schedule system reboots for greater overall stability, ensuring a smoother video conferencing experience.

Read more about Poly 4.1 software release below.

What's New In Poly OS 4.1?

In a world that has witnessed a significant shift towards hybrid work arrangements, staying connected and productive is more critical than ever. To meet these evolving needs, Poly has officially released Poly Video OS 4.1, now available for use on Poly Studio X series devices and the G7500. This latest software build also includes versions tailored for the Poly TC10/TC8 Controller 4.1.0, Poly Studio E70 Camera 1.8.0, and select Poly microphone accessories and USB cameras. With a focus on optimizing the hybrid work experience, this update brings a host of new features and enhancements to the table.

New Features

Poly DirectorAI Perimeter

One of the standout features of Poly Video OS 4.1 is the introduction of Poly DirectorAI Perimeter. This feature allows users to define a perimeter within their video frame, effectively minimizing external distractions. This can be particularly valuable in conference rooms with glass walls, where the framing of people outside the room can be distracting. With Poly DirectorAI Perimeter, you can maintain a clean and focused video conference environment.

Sound Reflection Reduction

Sound quality is crucial in any video conference, and Poly Video OS 4.1 takes it to the next level with Sound Reflection Reduction. This feature eliminates artifacts caused by reverb, ensuring that far-end participants are not distracted by strange audio anomalies. It’s especially beneficial in rooms with significant reverb, enhancing the overall conferencing experience without the need for complex acoustic panels or hardware.

Studio E70 over IP

For greater flexibility in deployment, Poly Studio E70 cameras can now be connected and powered over ethernet with the G7500. This enhancement simplifies setup and connectivity, allowing you to customize your video conferencing solution to suit your specific needs.

Improvements over Current Features

Poly Video OS 4.1 also includes several improvements to existing features, making the conferencing experience even smoother and more user-friendly:

Speaker Framing Improvements

Optimizations to the speaker framing experience are designed to keep participants focused on the conversation rather than the technology. Some of these enhancements include:

  • Looser framing to reduce the need for frequent reframing while still capturing close-up shots of speakers.
  • Deliberate framing decisions to minimize distractions.
  • Non-distracting transitions to reduce far-end participant fatigue.

These improvements ensure that video conferences run seamlessly, with minimal interruptions.

Enhanced Web Proxy Stability

Poly has implemented key enhancements to the Poly Video OS web proxy, addressing stability concerns, particularly related to network-dependent features. This results in a more reliable experience for users, ensuring that your video conferences are not disrupted by technical issues.

Scheduled Reboot

Administrators can now schedule nightly or weekly system reboots, which enhances overall system stability by preventing application-based system crashes. This feature ensures that your video conferencing solution runs smoothly without interruptions.

Looking Ahead

While Poly Video OS 4.1 brings numerous improvements and new features to the table, it’s important to note that there are still some known issues that the team is actively addressing. However, with the foundational progress made in this release, users can expect a more robust and reliable video conferencing experience.

In a rapidly changing work landscape, Poly continues to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of organizations and remote workers. Poly Video OS 4.1 is a testament to their commitment to enhancing the hybrid work experience, enabling teams to connect, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly, regardless of their location. Stay tuned for further updates and improvements as Poly continues to lead the way in video conferencing technology.

Poly Studio X Series

Poly Studio X30

The Poly Studio X30 is an all-in-one video bar for huddle rooms and small conference rooms.

Poly Studio X50

The Studio X50 is an all-in-one video conferencing bar for medium rooms that runs Microsoft Teams and Zoom natively.

Poly Studio X52

The Studio X52 features a 20MP 4K UltraHD 95-degree FOV camera, stereo speakers, and Poly Director AI.

Poly Studio X70

The Studio X70 is a beautifully engineered with razor-sharp 4K video and boardroom-filling stereo sound.

Poly G7500 Series

Poly G7500 E70

The Poly (Polycom) G7500 is a 4k Ultra-HD Video Conferencing System with premium video, voice, and presentation technology.

Poly G7500 4x

The Poly (Polycom) G7500 is a 4k Ultra-HD Video Conferencing System with premium video, voice, and presentation technology.

Poly G7500 12x

The Poly (Polycom) G7500 is a 4k Ultra-HD Video Conferencing System with premium video, voice, and presentation technology.

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