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My First Room Promo Explained

  1. Offered to customers who have not yet purchased one of Poly’s Zoom Room Kits. Eligible Poly Zoom Room Kits are listed below.
  2. To claim the offer you must call and speak to a sales representative who can check your eligibility and provide discounted pricing.
  3. Limit: one per customer.

Read more about Poly Zoom Rooms below.

What is a Poly Zoom Room?

Poly, a leader in communication and collaboration solutions, has partnered with Zoom, a popular video conferencing platform, to create Poly Zoom Rooms. These pre-packaged hardware bundles are designed to provide an easy and effective way to set up a video conferencing solution in any room, from small huddle spaces to large conference rooms.

The Poly Zoom Room Kits come with a touch control, camera, and audio device(s), all of which are certified by Zoom. The kits are designed to work seamlessly with Zoom, ensuring a reliable and consistent video conferencing experience for users.

One of the key benefits of Poly Zoom Rooms is their high-quality audio and video performance. The kits feature Poly’s advanced audio and video technologies, such as NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence, which help to eliminate background noise and ensure clear and natural-sounding audio. The cameras included in the kits offer high-definition video quality and are designed to provide a wide field of view, making it easy to see and interact with everyone in the room.

Another advantage of Poly Zoom Rooms is their easy setup and management. The kits are pre-packaged and certified by Zoom, which means that they can be set up quickly and easily. Poly also offers a management platform that allows IT administrators to monitor and manage the kits remotely, making it easy to troubleshoot issues and ensure that the video conferencing solution is running smoothly.

Poly Zoom Rooms are also highly customizable, with kits available for rooms of all sizes and layouts. Whether you need a solution for a small huddle space or a large conference room, there is a Poly Zoom Room Kit that can be tailored to your needs.

In conclusion, Poly Zoom Rooms are an excellent choice for businesses and organizations looking for a reliable and high-quality video conferencing solution. With their advanced audio and video technologies, easy setup and management, and customizable options, Poly Zoom Rooms provide the ultimate video conferencing experience. Visit our Zoom page to browse our selection Zoom conferencing products.

Windows Solutions

Poly Studio Small Zoom Room Kit

The Poly Studio Small Room is perfect for smaller meeting spaces that want the best collaboration experience in Zoom.

Poly Studio Med. Zoom Room Kit

This Kit for Medium-sized rooms offers mind-blowing audio and video for your most productive, focused calls ever.

Poly Studio Large Zoom Room Kit

This kit combines the simplicity of Zoom with cutting-edge video & audio to offer the best experience available.

Android Solutions

Poly Studio X30

The Poly Studio X30 is an all-in-one video bar for huddle rooms and small conference rooms. Run Zoom Rooms app natively – no PC or MAC required.

Poly Studio X50

The Poly Studio X50 video bar delivers radical simplicity in for small or even medium-sized rooms. Run Zoom Rooms application natively – No PC Required.

Poly Studio X70

The Poly Studio X70 combines razor-sharp 4K video with boardroom-filling stereo sound for simply the best meeting experience available.

Large Conference Rooms & Training Rooms

G7500 W/ EagleEye Cube

The Poly G7500 is a 4k Ultra-HD Video Conferencing System with premium video, voice, and presentation technology. The EagleEye Cube 4k Camera has 120° FOV Camera with built-in intelligent group framing ability.

G7500 W/ EagleEye IV 4x

The Poly G7500 is a 4k Ultra-HD Video Conferencing System with premium video, voice, and presentation technology. The Polycom EagleEye IV-4x Camera is a 1080p Digital HD camera with 4x zoom and full pan/tilt capability.

G7500 W/ EagleEye IV 12x

The Poly G7500 is a 4k Ultra-HD Video Conferencing System with premium video, voice, and presentation technology. The EagleEye IV12-x camera features a 4k image sensor, allowing the camera to zoom up 12x without losing clarity.

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